Tuesday, 21 June 2011

{under the} SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Kornrumpf

title: Brooklyn Bobby {2007} {hand embroidered on linen}

I "found" this amazing artist via ~a cup of jo~ blog.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Shadows #4

Eric Barclay: Shadows
Eric is an illustrator inspired by the graphic design and modern-style cartoons 
from the 1950s through the late 1960s. Check his web page here.    

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Being a LEADER in your life

How to be a great leader in your life and what exactly this mean?  No matter what you do in your life this is the role that you "need" to complete as well :) and more heart you put into more successful you are.  

Few days ago I read an article by Deepak Chopra (medical doctor, writer, public speaker on topics like spirituality, mind-body medicine) on what is his view what makes a person being a great leader.  To read the whole article click here.

“A great leader is an agent of change who has clarity of vision and knows how to make that vision a reality. Such a person comes from a level of core consciousness, which is what we call the soul. Great leaders take time every day to reflect. They ask themselves meaningful questions. They are conscious of what they are observing. They’re feeling what is needed and know how to fulfill those needs.”

“I believe that everybody can be a great leader. 
You have got to want to be one. 
Only people who have the desire to become great leaders will become great leaders. 
It is a self-selecting process.”

What are practical lessons we can learn?

“In my book I use an acronym for the aspects of great leadership: LEADERS. “L” stands for “look and listen.” You need to create a vision and learn to listen to your body, and listen with your heart, with your mind and with your soul. “E” stands for “emotional bonding.” You have to get in touch with your emotional feelings and stay away from feelings like anger, fear and hostility. “A” stands for “awareness”—what are you observing, what are you feeling, what is the need, how do you fulfill that need? “D” stands for “doing.” It deals with the ability to persist, to celebrate successes and to create goals. “E” stands for “empowerment.” It’s about empowering yourself and building your self-esteem: how can you learn to be immune to criticism but responsive to feedback? But you also need to empower others and identify their strengths. “R” stands for “responsibility”: the responsibility to take calculated risks, to take initiative, to live up to your values, to ask feedback, to take good care of your physical, emotional and spiritual health. Finally, “S” stands for “synchronicity,” which means knowing when is the right moment to act and when to take advantage of meaningful coincidences.”

Enjoy reading!
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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

DIY ~ paper mache teacup


OMG, how cool is this! 
I found ANN WOOD blog via  paper&ink (also great blog!). Ann is celebrating 5 year anniversary of bloging and as a gift for her readers she created this amazing tea cups. Check her blog for tutorials :)

Have FUN!

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Saturday, 4 June 2011

DIY ~ "maroccan lantern"

DIY lanterns made from radiator perforated metal sheets

DIY lanterns made from radiator perforated metal sheets


Check Amanda's blog for step-by-step instructions  :)

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(photos via ruffledblog.com)

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Mandalas on the Web

(photo via Clare Goodwin)

For CLARE GOODWIN's Mandala page check here
She is an intuitive counselor, artist and educator...  

(photo via Mystical Art of Peace)

"I enter the labyrinth"  by TAMARAH ALISTER ROSE ANTARES from Mystical Art of PeaceMore about her work you can read here.

(photo via Mandala Visions.com)

"Ying Yang Nature" by CHARLOTTE BECKMAN from Mandala Visions.com 
More photos and about the artist read here.

Have fun :)
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